Director's Message

The Ayurvedic & Megnetotherapy Research Institute(AMRI) is a voluntary organization, Regd.Under S.R. Act.XXI/1860 in 1984. It was established on 2nd November 1981. Our organization is working more than thirty-six (36) years and it's motto is to "SAVE & SERVE THE CHILD OR PERSON FROM MR/HI/VI/ASD/LD". Our organization is organized due to my thoughts about that child they are suffering from MR/HI/VI/ASD/LD because my daughter is also suffered and i fill that what happens?, How they fill about themselves?, Which types of behaves are presented by the family members, neighbors or friends?

Actually our organization treat them well for their better future by education & training, precaution, meditation or any other way of treatment that is required for them. In the AMRI, we are providing the rehablitation, education as well as treatment. Very proudly, I can say that the many of students educated from this organization is working or serving in different areas of India today like me or like this organization. I am thanking those all by which my wishes are fulfilled in different areas of India.

We also conduct OPD for these diseases.
OPD Time : 09:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Our organization serves the poor & helpless child or people free of cost suffering from below diseases….

  MR-Mental Retardation
  HI-Hearing Impirement
  VI-Visual Impirement
  LD-Learning Disability

Director & Sr. Consultant
Dr. S. D. Verma Nand
GAMS(Hons.), MD(Ayurveda)